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 Kurt Tank's Ta-152 

Wingspan: 2.88m/113.7 " or  2.25m/88.5"*

Paint by warbirdcolors.com

The Ta 152 was a high-altitude fighter-interceptor developed from the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 aircraft, but the prefix was changed from "Fw" to "Ta" to recognize the contributions of Kurt Tank who headed the design team.

The *Ta 152 C  conceived as a medium altitude fighter used the DB 603 E engine, a non pressurized cockpit and shorter wing span.

The first Ta 152H entered service with the Luftwaffe in January 1945. Total production - including prototypes and pre-production aircraft - is estimated in one source at about 220. But only some 43 production aircraft were delivered until the end of the war. This was too late to allow the Ta 152 to have a significant impact on the war effort.

General Kit specifications:

A 4 piece high quality fuselage with all the panel lines (counting the cowl and the bottom wing belly pan). The supercharger is fiberglass molded as well as the canopy frame,  gun-hood and cockpit scoop.

A built up wing is designed to be detachable in 2 o3 pieces . The 2 piece option uses a center aircraft ply box and 10mm laminated ply joiner.   If the builder wants detachable wing tips, the center can be permanent fixed and aluminum tubes can be fitted at the ribs outboard of the landing gear. More than 400 laser cut wood parts in the kit.

3 SHEET PLANS AND 3 VIEWS $30  (free with kit).      


 As of June 2019 delivery time is

7 weeks from date of order for fiberglass parts, 2 weeks for wood parts.


Fiberglass fuselage with molded panel lines and hatches, cowl
supercharger (specify C or H model),  cockpit scoop, belly pan, canopy frame and gun hood.      $585


Over 400 Laser Cut ply and balsa parts for H wing (2.88m), tail surfaces, firewall and fuselage formers  $360 


(excludes wing spars and stringers)


  H wing                                                                                      C wing

Over 420 Laser Cut ply and balsa parts for C wing (2.25m), tail surfaces, firewall and fuselage formers  $423   

(excludes wing spars and stringers)  


Ta152 Spinner: 127mm. Carbon Fiber cone and machined alum. back plate, with M5x120 mounting bolt. $115.00


Landing gear vacuum inner & outer door lining $37.00   


Blown canopy (late style clear section ) $32.50 


Model H supercharger scoop (included in the fuselage kit) $ 48.00    

Model C supercharger scoop (included in the fuselage kit) $ 45.00     


Available Landing gear and other accesories: CLICK HERE



General specifications:

Fiberglass fuselage with panel lines, built up wing/tail surfaces
Span: H wing 2.88m/113.7 "  -  C wing  2.25m/88.5" .
Length: 2.16m/85.2"
Airfoil NACA 23016/23012
Weight: 12-14 kg./26-30 lbs
Engine: DLE-55cc
Release time: Spring 2013.

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